1. a person with an affectation of wisdom or knowledge, regarded with scorn or irritation by others; a know-it-all. Synonyms: smart aleck, wisecracker.

2. A wee little alcohol producer, with a farming problem.

Home Grown Heritage

Welcome to our six sweet little acres, nestled in the woods of southeast Kelowna.  Cautionary note: Time stops here.

The Tasting Room

After you explore the vintage farm equipment – and perhaps get lost in the forest – find yourself in the tasting room for a freshly-crafted cocktail.


Stocking the shelves with bottles of our very first batch was a serious milestone, and production hasn’t slowed down since – as we work hard to bring you one new release after another. No rest in the still house!

The People

They say it takes a village… Ours may be small, but it’s made up of some seriously hard-working wiseacres who are passionate about producing farm-crafted spirits. Come up and see us! And if we’re busy out in the back nine when you arrive, either of the donkeys are pretty solid tour guides.