As a small, locally-minded family business, nothing is more important to us than, well, family. The goal of providing a safe, healthy and fulfilling childhood for our kids guides everything we do. There is a sad reality though, that here in our very own community, there are many children whose situation is vastly different. Unspeakable even, in some cases.

We are so fortunate to raise our family where and how we do, and it is a natural extension of these blessings to give back to the children in our community however we can. We have chosen to support the Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna in their mission to build a safe haven where victims of child abuse can feel protected, supported and ultimately move forward toward a fulfilling future.

The children in our community deserve more, we invite you to join us in being part of the journey to deliver a better outcome.

Ask us about how we’ve supported the CAC so far, and about our programs and initiatives currently in development.

The core functions of the Child Advocacy Centre are to:

  • build a safe and secure place for children to tell their story
  • aid in breaking the cycle of abuse one child at a time
  • support not only victims but families and communities
  • empower child abuse survivors to step forward beyond their story of abuse
  • change the way that service agencies work to protect our vulnerable children