Rhubarb Gin Liqueur


First introduced last summer, this delectable liqueur has become a serious favourite in our seasonal release line up. There’s a whole lot of harvesting, chopping, macerating and blending that goes into making this magical elixir, and it only comes around once a year – in itty bitty batches!

Featuring rhubarb we hand-harvested at our treasured partner Helen’s Acres Community Farm, this beautiful liqueur is a heavenly balance of tart and sweet, perfectly blended with our premium small-batch Gin.

New bottle size this year! Due to glass shortages, our usual 375 ml bottle has been swapped for its big sister, the 500 ml. (You’re welcome, rhubarb lovers!)


This release is currently limited to a maximum of ONE BOTTLE per household.  Orders for more than one bottle will be refunded. Thank you for your understanding and support of small batch, small business and big passion for top quality spirits!

Volume: 500 ml
ABV:  25%