Single Malt Vodka


When it comes to spirits, like anything else, there’s a time and a place for everything. And let’s be honest, some days you’re looking for something with a little extra kick. Welcome to the world of overproof spirits… a rather distinguished place to hang out now and then.

With that, we present Wiseacre’s Single Malt Vodka, 88 proof. Crafted from 100% BC malted barley, this robust spirit is slightly suggestive of your favourite whisky, with its grassy notes and weighty profile. However, this special release is still technically classified as a Vodka, as it has been rectified through our 25-plate copper columns, and then meticulously carbon filtered for a smooth mouth feel. In other words, its undoubtedly well-travelled, and now happily settled in the bottle ready for those looking for a seriously elevated Vodka.

In a nutshell, this spirit refuses to beat around the bush. Bold, unapologetic, and damn straight to the point.


Volume: 750 ml
ABV: 44%
Grain Bill: 100% BC Malted Barley