We’re so blessed to live in this beautiful place. Although the path that brought us here was never one we’d have chosen, we’re firmly in the here and now – and determined to make the most of every single day. Pop by for a visit, and learn about the countless (mis)adventures on our road to opening our doors.

You’ll have an ample welcoming committee on arrival – one cow, two donkeys, two dogs, one cat, three roosters and a few too many hens in the henhouse. Oh, and our tiny* team of wiseacres, who are passionately creating farm-crafted spirits for you to enjoy.

*There’s just not that many of us. We’re all normal sized, if you’re curious.

We’re all in (in more ways than one) when it comes to our hand-hewn spirits – which are fermented, distilled and bottled right here on the farm. We even grow a portion of the ingredients ourselves here on the property, and on nearby fields. Ask us about this endeavour, but you’ll want to pull up a chair…

Is this lifestyle idyllic? Of course. Is it also a sh*t ton of work? Absolutely. Sleepless nights? Often. Early mornings? Suffice to say the barn residents don’t know when it’s Sunday and don’t care. But this is an incredibly special place we get to wake up to each morning, and we’re honored to share it with you.

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Tasting Room

Plan a visit to the distillery, and meet us in the tasting room for a freshly crafted farm-inspired cocktail.

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